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Thank you for checking out Photo Circle! Here you will find a social network, a classroom, a photo club and most of all a fun space to share and grow your love and knowledge of photography.


It's pretty basic: as you look around this home page, you will see that there are different avenues to take to grow your knowledge of photography. For example, you can get a photo or digital question answered. Just click on the clipboard to you left and enter a question in the title field. Tim will get back to you, posting all answers on the PHOTO Q&A page. At the Photo Q & A page you can also research answers to questions others have asked. Hopefully, over time, your inquisitiveness will result in a vast lexicon of information that we will all be able to use.

Here at Photo Circle, you can also get feedback sharing your work with other Photo Circle Members and with Tim. Check in often, as as you can learn from Tim's CRITIQUE OF THE WEEK of a selected member's submitted work (one or two images) as a way of highlighting the good points of the image as well as making suggestions for improvement. Also, by signing up to Photo Circle, you will create your own profile page (much like on Facebook), where you will be able to upload your latest work for all to view and SHARE. Then, your Photo Circle peers can review and comment on your work or vice versa. Exchanging feedback is a great way to learn and grow, so to get the most out of Photo Circle, make sure to interact with each other and partake in the dialogue!

Another way to keep up growing your photo knowledge, is to review Tim's online TUTORIALS. Over the next coming months, Tim will be updating this site with instructional clips that you can use to learn a new little Photoshop or Lightroom trick, for example. This is a great way to get a sense of the in-depth information available to you with one of Tim's DVD's. It's also a fantastic way to get a sense of his teaching style if you are interested in one of his WORKSHOPS.

And, finally Tim hopes to keep inspiring and encouraging you to work on your photography skills by providing a straightforward and friendly space here at Photo Circle. It's all about us continuing to learn.... while having some fun!

Photo Questions

Zone System

Posted by craig mickelson on April 12, 2014 at 3:31pm 3 Comments

HDR Question

Posted by Bill Carroll on April 11, 2014 at 2:17pm 2 Comments

Spam Alert

Posted by Tim Cooper on April 8, 2014 at 3:48pm 0 Comments


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I had the opportunity to visit a lek Saturday morning before sunrise. A lek is a flat area in the sandhills of western Kansas where Lesser Prairie Chickens gather each spring to display their ritual mating dance. This goes on each morning for…
6 hours ago
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Bill Carroll commented on Bill Carroll's blog post HDR Question
"Thanks Tim! I found a recommendation to change the file handling preferences in Photoshop - that seems to have fixed the problem. In case someone else has trouble: PS main menu > Preferences > File Handling > Maximize PSD and PSB file…"
Tim Cooper commented on craig mickelson's blog post Zone System
"Exactly Craig.  The reason behind metering on the midtones and then checking your other tones is  so that you become familiar with the tones of brighter and darker things.  So if you get into a field of light flowers, you can place…"
craig mickelson commented on craig mickelson's blog post Zone System
"OK, so If the majority of my scene is lightly colored flowers or lightly colored sky, I would just set to +1 and shoot away? So if you are able to judge the exposure on the item that you want to be correctly exposed you really don't need to…"
Tim Cooper commented on craig mickelson's blog post Zone System
"HI Craig, Glad you enjoyed the lecture!  The procedure is to place your spot meter over a mid tone and then zero the meter.  Evergreen trees are one stop darker than middle gray. But yes, once you zero out your meter on a mid tone, then…"
craig mickelson posted a blog post

Zone System

Tim.  I found your zone system discussed at the Rapid City weekend fascinating.  As so often happens with note taking, now when I want to put it to use I have forgotten a few things.  Basically if you have a an area of dark green evergreens, was the procedure to center the meter on that area, set it for 0 and then recompose and shoot, paying no attention to the meter on the newly composed center of frame?  Am I understanding that correctly?  If I shoot the palm of my hand which is a +1 do I the…See More
Tim Cooper commented on Bill Carroll's blog post HDR Question
"HI Bill, That is strange.  It should work just fine.   A couple of tips, but it sounds like you have it right. In Lightroom, Go into the Library Mode and choose all of the images that you want to export.   Choose Photo>Edit…"

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